You finished Spring Slim Down and let’s just start by saying… hell yes!! Take a moment and hype yourself up. You committed to YOURSELF for 6 weeks and that is something to get pumped about. We know it can be hard to stay motivated in your workouts and nutrition, and regardless if you stuck with it for the full 6 weeks, did half of the challenge, or just a few days, you should be so proud!



First things first, grab your phone and take pictures of your success! Put on your favourite fitness outfit, or whatever makes you happy and optimistic. It’s a smart way to feel inspired if you keep track of your success during your wellness journey. One look back at where you started and how far you’ve come will inspire you to keep going!

No regrets if you didn’t take a picture at the start of the challenge. Try to include a picture of yourself from before the challenge. Still, from now on, keep an eye on your success! And, most importantly, remember to SMILE! Be proud of yourself and your amazing body, no matter where you are on your journey. We can’t wait to see all of your achievements in the challenge!


For 6 weeks healthy nutrition has been top of mind as we’ve completed the 7 Day Slim Down and the Hot Body Meal Plan. Focusing on nutrition is SO crucial to see results – it’s not just about your workouts! Now that Spring Slim Down is over and we have completed our meal plans, it’s easy to fall back into old nutrition habits. That’s exactly why we’re continuing post-challenge with the Guiltless Nutrition Guide and Recipe Book!

The Guiltless Guide varies from the other two meal plans in that it is a book of 130+ nutritious recipes that you can prepare at any time. This plan is adaptable, so you can personalize your meals. If you have a hankering for tacos? There’s a way to do so. Dessert of cookies? That’s it, we’ve got it. Is it possible to eat pancakes for breakfast? It’s in there somewhere. There is enough for all.

If you enjoy the structure of a daily meal plan, you can ALWAYS come back to the 7 Day Slim Down and Hot Body Meal Plan whenever you’d like to.


Spring Slim Down is over but you can still challenge yourself in online Gym Application If you need a little push to stay motivated, we have lots of Bonus Sweets that you can add to your regular sweat sesh schedule.

Your daily workouts will stay the same with your premium workout and Daily 10 – just add in a bonus sweat for an extra push and you’ll get the same experience as during a challenge. Your app still totally functions the same, so make sure to explore and enjoy all of the fun challenges.


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