Lots of my partners join our gym in hopes of feeling more confident in their bodies by learning some belly fat exercises. To lose body fat, certain workouts play key roles— and I am here to teach them to you. Read on fat-burning exercises and tips. These body fat exercises will have your confidence pumping!

At Bodyfit By KIM, athletes come to us with all sorts of goals. Some are looking to train for an endurance event while others are looking to build muscle or want to improve their balance. Many people, however, visit our gym for exercises to lose body fat. A fair amount of those people are looking specifically for exercises to burn belly fat. Whichever you’re hoping to find, look no further. We’ve got answers for you!

If you’re looking to tone up, there are plenty of exercises to help you target extra fat. Here are a few of our favorites 


Any gym-goer will tell you with enthusiasm that burpees are the champions of fat-burning exercises, and we’d agree. They’re such a basic routine to learn, yet they will work your entire body and allow you to shed fat like you wouldn’t believe. There are quite a few differences in this type of exercise.

Begin in a standing pose. Immediately drop down into a squat position, with your hands in front of your feet on your mat. When you’re ready, kick your feet out and behind you. Your arms will remain extended, thus putting you into a raised plank pose. Jump your feet forward so that they land back near your hands, and then jump up into the air. While you jump, extend your arms upwards. Land and repeat. Try to do at least 10— but some athletes do 30 a day.

Russian Twists

.Russian twists for their core strengthening abilities, as well as their simplicity. This exercise is performed sitting on a mat. Your heels should touch the ground, while your hands rest at your chest. Take your core to do it before you turn your body side by side.

Jumping Rope

Jumping rope may bring back memories of chanting about Cinderella dressed in yellow at recess, but it’s also a completely legitimate form of exercise for adults. It’s a pretty intense way to work out. Whip out a jump rope— you’ll need a longer one than the sparkly plastic one from your elementary school days— and you’ll see why it’s such a great routine for fat burning: skipping rope is a full-body workout. It’s one of the most effective exercises to lose body fat.

A few tips to start? Use your wrists, not your arms, to rotate the seam. And don’t over jump, you’re going to get exhausted too fast. The easiest approach to miss the seam is to take tiny springs, which allow you to pass the seam without taking too much energy. It assists your landings to practice—the better, the softer.

Walking Lunge

Aside from its body-toning benefits, the walking lunge will also help strengthen your muscles.

When you’re ready to perform the walking lunge, begin by standing upright, with your hands to your side and your feet shoulder-width apart. Shift your weight to your left heel and step forward with that leg. Lower and bend your right knee so that it runs parallel to the mat. You will now be in a classic lunge pose. Hold the pose for a moment. Then, do the same thing with your left leg— bring it forward. Now, repeat your original movements with your right leg. You will be mimicking the act of ‘walking’ forwards with your lunges. 

Whether your fitness goals are to learn exercises to burn belly fat, gain muscle, pick up new skills, or meet like-minded athletes, Bodyfit By KIM is the place for you. Here, we don’t believe in old-fashioned gym memberships and contracts. Instead, each of our athletes is a partner here: and partners get all sorts of excellent benefits. 

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